In September 1977 Chief (Mrs.) Elizabeth OmeresanAdegite, (MBA, FCA, PP, SWAN Grand Patron) the initiator of SWAN, sent questionnaires to all female members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) to find out if they will be interested in coming together to form a body called Society of Women Accountants of Nigeria (SWAN) under the umbrella of ICAN.  The response she received was an overwhelming YES.

Consequently, a meeting was called and held at one of the Conference Centres of the University of Ibadan and SWAN was born.

Ten members attended this meeting, they are Olutoyin Olakunri, Dorcas Kuforiji Olubi, Mojisola Osiyemi,  ELIZABETH ADEGITE,  Olusola Isikalu Akinbami, N.A. Shoaga, M. Adeyeye-Olukoya, F.O. Fadipe and A. Animashaun.  These ten (10) founding members constituted the Inauguration Planning Committee subsequently meetings were now held by the Inauguration Planning Committee in Lagos which resulted in the Inauguration of the Society of Women Accountants of Nigeria on Friday April 28th, 1978 at the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos by Chief (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo Ani FCA, (MON) the President of ICAN in the year 1977/78.  The history making event was chaired by Major General J. Oluleye (Rtd), the then Honourable Federal Commissioner for Finance. Total membership of SWAN as at April 1978 was 36.  This grew to 1,500 members within 20 years in 1998.  As at today the Institute has over 4,500 SWAN members


All female Chartered Accountants of ICAN are automatic members of SWAN.  They are expected to register and pay their subscriptions to become financial members.


The Council of ICAN ascribes a district Society status to SWAN.  This means SWAN is allowed to have one National Body and will be represented across the Country by this body.  However with the growth of SWAN membership across the country to over 4,500, SWAN is now represented by Chapters who account and reports to the National Executive based in Lagos.

In the history of SWAN, there has been six (6) Executive Committees of the National Body that have carried out numerous activities to achieve its aims and objectives.  We also have four (4) active Chapters that complement the National Body in executing programs to achieve her aims and objectives.  The Chapters are in Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan and Abeokuta.

SWAN over the years now compliment ICAN with its Social Corporate Responsibilities (CSR) functions.  Hence in addition to encouraging the girl child into the Accounting Profession, giving the female accountant a platform to be of service to the Institute, SWAN is also now very active in CSR activities to give back to her Society.

SWAN believes that the future holds Great potentials for all her members.

Long live SWAN!

Long live ICAN!!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

The Executive Committees and their years of operations are as listed below:


S/N   NAME                                                           POSITION

1        Chief (Mrs) Olutoyin Olakunri                          Chairperson

2        Mrs.Ibironke Osiyemi                                     Vice Chairperson

3        Mrs. Olusola Isikalu Akinbami (Deceased)         Secretary

4        Chief (Mrs.) E.O. Adegite                                Secretary

5        Mrs. Yemisi Ogedengbe                                  Asst. Secretary

6        Mrs. Adeyeye Olukoya                                    Treasurer

7        Mrs. Titi Ayanfalu                                           Treasurer

8        Mrs. Modupe Ogunlesi                                    Welfare Secretary


1.       Mrs. Mojisola Ibironke Osiyemi                        Chairperson

2        Chief (Mrs) E.O.  Adegite                                1st Vice Chairperson

3        Princess Adebisi A. Oguneye                           2nd Vice Chairperson

4        Mrs. Margaret Unubun                                    Secretary

5        Mrs. Ifeyinwa Agbowu                                    Asst. Secretary

6        Mrs. O.A. Orebote                                          Treasurer

7.       Mrs. Modupe Ogunlesi                                    Welfare Secretary

THIRD EXCO (2000 – 2006)

1.       Chief (Mrs) Elizabeth Omeresan Adegite          Chairperson

2        Mrs. Margaret Unubun                                    1st Vice Chairperson

3        Mrs. Olubunmi Orebote                                  2nd Vice Chairperson

4        Mrs. Onome Olaolu                                        Hon. Secretary

5        Mrs. Gbemi Soyemi-Beecroft                           Asst. Secretary

6        Mrs. Dupe Dada                                             Treasurer

7        Mrs. Seyi Williams                                          Financial Secretary

8        Mrs. Shakirat Babatunde                                 Welfare Officer

9        Mrs. Bimpe Dada                                           Membership Officer

10      Mrs. Priscilla Omai                                         Publicity Officer

11      Mrs. Tokunbo Obafemi-Adegbola                    Ex-officio member

12      Mrs.Wahir Umar                                             Ex-officio member

13      Mrs. Wosilat Odedele                                     Ex-officio member

14      Mrs. Mary Uduma                                          Ex-officio member

FOURTH EXCO (2006 – 2011)

1        Mrs. Margaret Unubun                                    Chairperson           

2        Mrs. Tokunbo Obafemi-Adegbola                    1st Vice Chairperson

3        Mrs. Onome Olaolu                                        2nd Vice Chairperson

4        Mrs. Stella Soladoye                                       Secretary

5        Mrs Aina Bamgbose                                        Asst. Secretary

6        Mrs Yetunde Ogunseye                                   Treasurer

7        Mrs. Bimpe Dada                                            Financial Secretary

8        Mrs. Wendy Garuba                                        Welfare Secretary

9        Mrs. Bukky Akinmoladun                                 Membership Secretary

10      Mrs. Bunmi Orebote                                        Ex-officio member

11      Mrs. Sarah Ogunde                                         Ex-officio member

12      Mrs. WahirMshelia                                          Ex-officio member

FIFTH EXCO (2011-TO 2013)

1        Mrs. Tokunbo Obafemi-Adegbola                    Chairperson

2        Mrs. Onome Olaolu                                        1st  Vice Chairperson          

3        Alhaja Titilola Akibayo                                   2nd Vice Chairperson

4        Mrs Aina Bamgbose                                        Hon. Secretary

5        Mrs. Catherine Nnaji                                       Asst. Secretary

6        Mrs. Stella Soladoye                                       Treasurer

7        Mrs. Bimpe Dada                                            Financial Secretary

8        Mrs. Bukky Akinmoladun                                Welfare Secretary

9        Getrude Martins-Adetula (Deceased)                Membership Secretary

10      Miss Oyinlola Oluyemi                                    Publicity Secretary

11      Mrs. Margaret Unubun                                    Ex-officio member

12      Mrs. Sarah Ogunde                                        Ex-officio member

13      Mrs. Folake Onabolu                                      Ex-officio member

SIXTH EXCO (2013-2015)

1        Mrs. Onome Olaolu                                       Chairperson

2        Alhaja Titilola Akibayo                                   1st  Vice Chairperson          

3        Mrs Folake Onabolu                                      2nd Vice Chairperson

4        Mrs Catherine Nnaji                                       Secretary General

5        Miss Jennifer Ogbeide                                    Asst. Secretary General

6        MrsAdebimpe Dada                                       Treasurer

7        Mrs Blessing Osakwe-Ogo                              Financial Secretary

8        Mrs Hilda Ozoh                                             Membership Secretary

9        Mrs Justina Babatope                                     Welfare Secretary

10      Mrs Nyakno Oluokun                                      Public Relations Officer

11      Mrs Tokunbo Adegbola                                   Ex-Officio Member

12      Mrs Mosunmola Shitta-Bey                              Ex-Officio Member

13      Mrs Aina Bamgbose                                       Ex-Officio Member


 SEVENTH EXCO (2015-2017)


1        Alhaja Titilola Akibayo                                   Chairperson 

2        Mrs Folake Onabolu                                      1st  Vice Chairperson          


3        Mrs Aina Bamgbose                                      2nd Vice Chairperson

4        Mrs Catherine Nnaji                                       Secretary General

5        Miss Jennifer Ogbeide                                    Asst. Secretary General

6        Mrs Hilda Ozoh                                             Treasurer

7        Mrs Blessing Osakwe-Ogo                              Financial Secretary

8        Mrs Mosunmola Shitta-Bey                             Membership Secretary

9        Mrs Justina Babatope                                     Welfare Secretary


10      Mrs Nyakno Oluokun                                     Public Relations Officer

11      Mrs. Onome Olaolu                                       Ex-Officio Member


12      Mrs Ijeoma Sam-Oburu                                 Ex-Officio Member



1        Chief (Mrs) Olutoyin Olakunri

2        Otunba Ayora Bola Kuforiji-Olubi

3        Princess Agnes Adenike Adeniran

4        Mrs. Ibironke Mojisola Osiyemi

5        Chief (Mrs) Elizabeth Omeresan Adegite


The primary aim is to bring together, women in the Accountancy Profession, and to assist the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria in the protection of the charter, status, interests of the female members of the Institute and promoting and maintaining high standards of efficiency and professional conduct, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing.


To consider all questions affecting the interests of the profession at large


To encourage and assist women entering the accountancy profession


To inform the public of abilities and achievement of women in accountancy


To promote the continuing education, intellectual growth and professional knowledge of its members


To encourage members to participate actively in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and other professional accountancy organizations


To create a forum for the objectives study of contemporary issues in accounting


To undertake projects that would enhance the image of women in the profession at large


To organize and carry out:


Activities on matters relating to the profession


Social meetings with a view to enabling members and their guests to meet informally and improve mutual understanding


To do all such things as may be necessary for the attainment of these objectives




In other to achieve her aims and objectives as set out above, SWAN undertakes the following activities:



The monthly meeting is the business meeting of the Society at which it’s activities are highlighted and planned.  It currently holds on  the Second Sunday of Every month at ICAN Head office plot 16 Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos at 3.30pm



This is held on a quarterly basis or as the need arises.  The EXCO determines the annual programme and activities for the National body from these meetings and present to members for deliberation/adoption



SWAN currently enjoys a district Society status from ICAN.  It’s National office and Secretariat is located in Lagos at ICAN Head office. However to encourage ladies outside the Lagos to participate in SWAN activities, SWAN Chapters are inaugurated from time to time to enlist members outside Lagos.  The Chapter activities are coordinated by the office of the Vice Chairperson at the National level.  Chapter meetings are held monthly either on the Second Sundays of the month or any date convenient for the Chapters.

All Chapter activities are aligned to the National body





The Chapter must have held a minimum of 10 meetings at their location


It should have elected the Chapter Exco in line with the National Constitution


Membership: Minimum of 10 members


Chapter to show evidence of a good working relationship with their ICAN District Societies in their localities/jurisdictions to which they belong to.


Chapter Chairperson or Secretary should have visited and attended one SWAN  meeting in Lagos or the AGM during the Conference at Abuja


A formal request will be made in writing to the National Body requesting for their inauguration after their 10th meeting.  The letter should contain a list of their Exco members and proposed programs in their year of

inauguration.  Previous programs already carried out by the Chapter will be listed in the letter to the National body.


Chapter Annual Subscription to commence from date of Inauguration in line with the constitution


The 1st Vice Chairperson from the National body will carry out the inauguration and formally present the Constitution to the Chapter Exco


The national body will give a purse to support the inauguration.  Amount will be determined from time to time


All inaugurated Chapters will be represented at SWAN AGM to present a report of their activities in the past one year



SWAN holds its AGM during the ICAN Annual Accountants Conference every year.  The meeting receives a financial statement and reports on all the activities of the National Body and all inaugurated Chapters.  All the Reports and Accounts are approved at the AGM.  All decisions taken by the National Body on behalf of SWAN are also considered and ratified at the AGM.



The Annual Open Day is a social cum intellectual gathering for members, students – both male and female, other members of ICAN and other women professional bodies and associations.  The activities for the Open Day are in two parts:

              STUDENT’S SESSION:


Students’ session: Designed for Accounting Students both in Colleges and in Practice Firms.  Talks are given on relevant topics by members of the Institute, who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields, such as Finance and Management Accounting, Taxation, auditing and Investigations as well as Information Technology.  There is also a question and answer session



The afternoon session brings together members, women from other professional bodies and friends of the Society.  It starts with a luncheon followed by either a symposium on topical issues or a talk by one of the guests.  The talk is usually followed by a discussion in which everyone present participates.



         7.       CAREER TALKS

Career talks are regularly given in secondary schools, to enlighten school pupils on the advantages and career opportunities for the accountant


        8.        BUSINESS TALKS

Like Career talk, lectures are given from time to time to groups of people in business, particularly small scale entrepreneurs, market women and industrialists on how to keep records, financial management and managerial skills including taxation and loans management


Business Lunch is held quarterly at various locations.  Its objective is to bring members together under a social flag to discuss business matters.  It also serves as a forum for the recognition of female achievers generally as well as newly qualified female accountants who are usually invited to these lunches.  Occasionally Guest Speakers are invited to address members

SWAN also hosts the current ICAN President to a Special Luncheon in their year in office.  SWAN uses the opportunity to make improvement suggestions to the Presidential Year



SWAN usually pays courtesy visits to the First Ladies of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  The visit provides SWAN an opportunity to make improvement suggestions on topical issues that affect women in particular and the Nation in general




The Society organizes basic Accounting Courses for Non-Accountants e.g. market women periodically and also organizes non-fee paying Revision courses for ICAN students.  It recently organized a seminar on retirement for members and the general public in 2011



SWAN has in place a scholarship fund to provide financial support to indigent and brilliant Accountancy students in tertiary institutions.  Scholarship has been awarded to students in Unilag, Unijos, Abubakar


Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Delta State University Abraka, Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, University of Port-Harcourt to mention a few.

SWAN has also awarded Scholarship to a blind girl who graduated from the Loyola Jesuit College Abuja. SWAN also has a prize for the best female qualifying student at the ICAN Professional Examinations



On the International Arena, SWAN hascontinued to encourage and assist female Accountants in Africa to form Women Societies in their National Institutes.  This was done in Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, South and East Africa.

SWAN also played a foremost role in initiating the International Federation of Women Accountants (IFWA) which was inaugurated in Paris in 1997.  The Africa Chapter was inaugurated in Abuja in 1995.  The pioneer President of IFWA Africa Chapter is Princess Agnes Adenike Adeniran one of our Grand Patrons and a Past President of ICAN.  SWAN at all times play key roles in all International, Regional and Local Conferences to support ICAN’s growth.



In addition to the Technical Programmes of SWAN through her members active involvement in all International, Regional and Local Conferences, SWAN provides the platform through which ICAN performs it’s corporate social responsibilities to the Society in which they operate in.  SWAN at all times ensures ICAN is properly promoted in all her activities at the International, Regional and Local levels



All female members of ICAN are automatically eligible to be members of SWAN.  However some female members do not know about the existence of SWAN and some are not interested while others are too busy and have no time to participate in the activities of the society.  The aim here is to achieve increase in membership as well as to ensure that all members are encouraged to participate in at least one of the activities of the society each year.  SWAN also uses the platform of ICAN induction ceremony to capture young members to participate in her activities/programmes




Active participation in the activities of the Institute (ICAN) is encouraged and members are nominated to serve on nearly all of the committees of the Institute





It is pertinent to acknowledge the support of our Corporate and Individual sponsors that provide the financial muscle for SWAN to execute its programmes and to achieve her set objectives.  Notable of mention are; All Past ICAN Presidents, ICAN Council members, SWAN Grand Patrons, Olusola Adekanola & Co., Fidelity Bank Plc, Associated Discount House etc.  These sponsors have made it possible for SWAN to rise to the heights and record the successes achieved so far.  Our sincere gratitude goes to our male colleagues on the Council that has supported SWAN to produce six (6) female Past Presidents of ICAN viz (Otunba Ayora Bola Kuforiji-Olubi, Chief (Mrs) Olutoyin Olakunrin, Princess Agnes Adenike Adeniran, Mrs.Ibironke Mojisola Osiyemi, Dr. (Mrs.) Catherine Ginikanwa Okpareke and Chief (Mrs.) Elizabeth Omeresan Adegite).


SWAN reassures all her friends, supporters and well-wishers that she will continue to put in her best in the development of the Accountancy Profession, at the Local, Regional and International levels.


Long Live SWAN! Long Live ICAN! Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria





SWAN Chairperson &

ICAN Council member